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Last updated on July 31, 2020

Well what can I say? I never thought I’d be sitting here writing a blog. I never thought I’d be good at writing but here I am after realising I actually have a lot to say.

So who am I?

My name is Jess. I’m from the north west in the UK and I am the main host and writer of this Blog and Podcast. I’m super excited to be in this position, but also petrified at the same time!

I am a massive advocate and user of Cannabis and have been for 11 years now. I used Cannabis “recreationally” for the longest time, not even realising it had always been my medicine. Not fully recognising or understanding it’s true potential.

The more I realised it was actually helping me through my depression and anxiety (I was diagnosed at 14), the more I wanted to learn about why it made me feel better. My journey down the rabbit hole started about 5 years ago (I was 25), and having used it recreationally beforehand I absolutely loved the way it made me feel. It was the ultimate relax. The ultimate wind down, the ultimate switch off and it just made living with the fuckery that is my mind everyday so much more bearable.

So I started to read. I started to listen and open my eyes and my mind to things you would never think were possible.

Our governments wouldn’t lie to us surely? If it’s illegal then it’s bad for you, right? If it’s medicine then our doctors would know!

These are the kind of questions you start asking yourself when you start to look into Cannabis.

Would you like to know what’s scarier than questioning your government, the laws & your doctors?? Finding out the truth. That’s what shook me the most.

So what is The UK Potcast?

The UK Potcast is a platform to educate people on the benefits and open their minds to Cannabis as a whole. To advocate for the use, consumption and decriminalisation of Cannabis, and to support those in this community as much as humanly possible by giving them a voice and a platform on which to share their stories.

There will be a lot of information shared in a way that will help you learn more about Cannabis than you could ever imagine. I will touch on all topics about CBD. Where it comes from, why we should be using it, how to use it etc.

There will be open discussions about all things Cannabis. The industry, the laws, the hypocrisy and lies… along with anything else that comes up during the conversation. I will also be covering Cannabis news articles, and breaking them down – telling you what they really mean! I can’t say that what I have to offer won’t sound biased, because it probably will to an “outsider” but it’s definitely worth giving it a chance.

There will be guest speakers sharing a joint with me (or not) while we discuss the hottest topics. And another huge part of this podcast – the love of my life, my soulmate David will be joining us for special episodes where we will no doubt have some of the most heated discussions – stoner vs non stoner!

Nah, I’m just kidding! He’s pretty chill about everything to be fair.

This blog post barely scratches the surface when it comes to who I am but I hope as time goes by you can all get to know me a lot better and I can fill in any gaps along the way. I do however hope that I’ve told you just enough about The UK Potcast to keep you intrigued and coming back for more.

I want to know what you have to say, I want to hear your opinions. I can’t imagine everyone will agree on every point, and that’s ok! It really is about sitting down and listening to another person’s view without getting angry and upset. Our opinions and thoughts play a huge role in our uniqueness and individuality so it’s absolutely ok if we don’t always agree with one another.

Please get in touch! What topics would you like us to cover? Do you want to be a guest on the podcast? Do you have any feedback? I’d love to hear from you.

Find us on social media: @theukpotcast

E-mail me: jess@ukpotcast.co.uk

Stay Lit!

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