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Last updated on November 22, 2020

I am so so happy you have clicked onto my blog today but if you thought I was going to be answering your questions in text format, I’m sorry.

Not this time. You will have to listen to the actual episode if you want to know the answers. It’s worth it, I promise.

Below is the list of questions my wonderful friends and listeners asked. Enjoy the episode.

Steph Eaton

What’s the best way to use cannabis for the first time? (From a canna-virgin’s perspective) How quickly will you feel the effects?

Debbie Louise Peart

Why do you think theses still a stigma about CBD . Is it because it frowned upon ? Or just because people are to blind to see the truth .

Amber-lily Nicolle

What should I look for when buying any CBD product, whats the 5 first things i should keep an eye out on?

Does the strain of cannabis I choose matter?

Can you overdose on cannabis?

Is THC and CBD addictive and what are the differences between between the two?

What about how have you helped others with cannabis?

Charlotte Nebbett

What are your aspirations in your life and the cbd industry x

Donna Lennox

What was your very first experience with cannabis in any form & why did you try it?

Sarah-jane Plaskett

Do you/ should you JUDGE ppl that ‘use’ cannabis?

Maryann Flemming

How has cannabis positively affected your physical!/mental health?

Steven Botham

what do you do in your spare time?

when did You first start smoking cannabis?

Chris Williams

Apart from working with Hannabis do you have any other ventures?

What do you use CBD for personally?

What are your goals between now and this time next year?

Massive thank you to everyone that asked me a question and helped me make this episode.

Be sure to give episode 9 a listen to hear the answers to your questions


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